Use Cases

Some scenarios highlighting the utility of our protocol.

Earning interest on idle assets

Individuals who hold long-term investments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and tokens can use the Crunch Network as a source of additional returns on their investment.
For example, a user that owns Matic can supply their tokens to the Crunch protocol and earn interest (denominated in cTokens) without having to manage their asset, fulfill loan requests, or take speculative risks.

Borrowing assets

Our system allows users to borrow from the protocol using any token as collateral for use anywhere in the Polygon ecosystem.
For instance, a user who needs funds for a specific purpose but does not want to sell their cryptocurrency holdings can borrow against them by using them as collateral.

Monetizing token balances

dApps, machines, and exchanges with token balances can use the Crunch protocol as a source of monetization and incremental returns by sweeping balances. This has the potential to unlock entirely new business models for the Polygon ecosystem.
For example, an exchange that holds surplus assets can supply them to the Crunch protocol and earn interest on them while still being able to trade them on its platform.